# Automations

Task automations will allow you to manipulate your tasks via Stacks rather than manually managing them. Automating time-consuming and repetitive operations boosts workflow efficiency and prevents team members from wasting valuable time on trivial chores.

# Adding an automation

  1. Click on the Project context menu
  2. Click on the Automations menu item
  1. Click the Add automation button
  1. Click and select any of the pre-built automations
  2. Or click the Create new button to build one from scratch

# Events

Automation events are the changes to a tasks options that will trigger the actions. In other words when a task gets updated in some way or moved it will trigger one or more actions. These events are:

  • when created
  • when moved
  • when completed (marked as done)
  • when incomplete (marked as to do)
  • when overdue (task's due date is before the current date)
  • when started (task's start date is before the current date)
  • when archived (task was archived)

# Actions

Automation actions are one or more changes done to a task after an event was triggered. You can combine multiple actions and order them in any specific way. The order in which actions are triggered is important (e.g.: clearing and assigning only one person should be done in this order: unassign all + assign person).


Certain actions might be disabled based on the selected event (e.g.: when the event is moved the move action will be disabled)