# Stack

The Stack represents a collection of tasks in a specific order, either manual or automatic based on sorting setting. A stack can also be called a Task List (when in the List View) or Column (when in the Board view) .

# Sorting Tasks

By default the tasks are manually sorted (by dragging and dropping in Board View and List View), but you can also enable automatic task sorting from the Stack menu:

  1. Click on the menu button to open the Stack menu popup
  2. Select a sorting type and direction under the Order tasks menu
  3. Select an automatic sorting order


By selecting the Manual drag-and-drop sorting will be re-enable

# Progress

This is a usefull visual feature to show the the average progress [%] of all tasks in the stack.

To enable this option:

  1. Open the Preferences
  2. Click on the Board tab under the Projects section
  3. Locate the Stacks section
  4. Switch on the Show stack progress option

# Tint

The tint color functionality empowers you to personalize each stack by assigning a distinct color to it. This vibrant feature offers a range of benefits, allowing you to differentiate and identify various stacks at a glance, thus streamlining your workflow and boosting overall efficiency.

# Setting a task limit

Task limit allows you to set a maximum task limit for each stack, ensuring focused productivity by prompting you to finish tasks before adding more. Stay organized, reduce overwhelm, and prioritize effectively with visual cues for progress.

# Collapsing a Stack

Collapsing a stack lets you hide tasks and narrow down stacks, preserving valuable screen space. Ideal for backlogs or low-priority tasks, this option ensures a clutter-free workspace while keeping essential tasks accessible at your convenience. Simplify your view and stay focused with Stack Collapse.

# Adding a Stack

# Deleting a Stack